Follow The Money

As many have noted, and let's be honest, it is very hard to miss, I have a television documentary crew following me around as I meet voters, attend debates and attempt to weave my way through the web of lies and corruption that is Miami Beach politics.

You see, during my first run for office in 2011 I discovered the three little words that define American politics, "Follow the Money."

My previous campaign taught me that politics really is all about the cash - special interests rule and money buys influence. That is why I decided to document my candidacy in the 2013 Miami Beach Mayoral race and get to the bottom of all this bottom feeding.

You can watch my fundraising Kickstarter video below:

Unfortunately, although we raised 64% of the budget, we were not successful in fully funding our film. However, our cause did attract enough attention that a major television network decided to make its own documentary about the campaign. For those that are confused, I have no control over that budget, or the story being told by the producers. Furthermore, and I'm sorry if this shatters any illusions, I am being paid less than the cost of a single campaign mailer for the inconvenience of being followed everywhere by a fly-on-the-wall camera crew.

Click here to see the 'Follow The Money' official Kickstarter page.